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The purpose of Contract Nurse Network is to provide a resource for Independent Nurse Contractors and those who aspire to become such. Our goal is to compile a searchable database of nurses who contract for work so that entities wishing to hire such nurses for contract work will be able to find them. This service has been in development for is free and will remain free.

The owner of this site is a nurse as well and eager to help other nurses attain a rich and rewarding career doing what they love to do, help people in need. Many nurse who have burned out working in the clinical setting will find that their experience and expertise can be put to work for them in a non-clinical setting and allow them to build their own business while continuing to practice as a nurse. This site is for those who have already attained this level of independence as well as those who are working towards that goal. Please feel free to provide us with your business and contact information for inclusion in our database. To do so, please use the feedback link on the main menu to send your information.

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